This week, I want to create repeating animated GIFS for our web page, which is in SERIOUS need of an upgrade!!!

Also, check out this incredible series from Pixar on how they develop a character!!!!

>>  Click Here <<

This Week!!!
We're going to have a great day creating our own animated charcters in Crazy Talk to sing a duet with US!!!!
See the recommended tutorial on Crazy Talk Here:  Click Here

UPDATE 5/23/2017

Two More Advanced Crazytalk Tutorials:
Auto Motion Beginner Tutorial
Auto Motion Advanced Part 1
Auto Motiom Advanced Part 2
Auto Puppet Settings Advanced Part 3

My favorite Crazytalk Tutorial On Motions:

Multi Audio And Auto Motions

Teacher Link: Free Version Of Program for Install.

We'll be doing some environment creation in Unreal Engine.  I've got a link to download the engine by clicking here.

Test Shots from 11/8/2016 Can Be Reviewed Here.

Test Shots from 11/15/2016 Can Be Reviewed Here.

Test Shots from 1/10/2017 (Andy flying experiment) can be Reviewed Here

Dylan Dancing Experiment 1/24/2017 Here
Andy, Jonas, Kayden, Dylan working 1/24/2017 Here

Still at work Gabrial, Andy Jonas 2/21/2017 Here

Teacher Project...  Redlands Conservatory piano teacher Tatiana asked if I could put a video together with some images
for her concert, so we did this little animation project!  Click Here for a peek...

This week we'll dive into "Paper Cut" animation!
See some examples by clicking below:

Example #1    Example #2

Best Blender Tutorials: