Being interested in mentalism, I had always wondered what the magician/mentalist "Dunninger" was like in performance.

Since he lived and performed in the 1940's, it seemed unlikely that I'd ever get to experience this great master of magic. One friend of mine prided himself on having a few moments of Dunninger on an old kinescope. But these few frames were little clue to the master.

Then, one exciting night I was listening to A.M. radio and an old recording of "Dunninger The Mentalist" was played. I was so excited that I began an extensive (and often frusterating) search for radio recordings of magicians of the day.

The search lasted over 6 months, and required many dozens of letters and phone calls. In the end, I had a very decent collection of these old recording including Mandrake, Dunninger, Blackstone and others you may have previously thought lost to time! It is now my pleasure to share them with you!

The Magic Audio Archive is simply a collection of these very rare recordings of the masters of magic!

It will take me a while to code the recordings (and web pages) for your listening pleasure on the net, but I'll add steadily to what's here.

For the "Grand Opening" of the page I present a tribute to Blackstone the magician.

Thanks for visiting the page!

Walt Noon

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