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You can now own the entire Magic Audio Archive collection, lovingly collected over 6 years, and  presently over 232 shows!  That's more than 106 hours of magic performances of the past captured for your listening pleasure!
All shows are organized by performer, on CDs,  and are high quality MP3 audio.
Very rare performances include Blackstone, Chandu, Dunninger, Houdini, Tarbash and many, many other magicians and mentalists.  (Write me if you're looking for details on a specific performer, have a question, or need a different audio format.)
If you enjoy old time radio, this large collection offers some of the most interesting programming of an era.
If you're a magician, like myself, these recordings are a way to get to know to the masters, and are a veritable "idea factory" of wonderful effects lost to time.
Also included are a number of rather creepy recordings, such as audio of Bess Houdini taken from an actual seance.  Those who have complained about such recordings in the past are not obliged to purchase.

Funds Collected Are Strictly Used To Add To The Collection!
Isn't it nice when we can get so much for so little because we all contribute a little!?
I wonder why government doesn't work that way?

Your order will be processed and mailed to you within 24 hours!
The complete collection is $29.00 + $1.00 shipping for all 232 shows!
Thank You For Helping Build And Preserve The Library.
Happy Listening!

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