Listening to the archive is EASY!

(1.) You will need the RealAudio (Tm) player version 5.0 or better and usually a 28.8 or faster modem.
The player is free, and is available at the RealAudio
(Tm) website.

Click Here to go to the Real Audio
(TM) Website download page.
Click Here to download the Windows 95 version from THIS page.

(2.) After you have loaded the RealAudio (Tm) player on your system, simply go to any page in the Magic Archive and click on the "live" stream broadcast hypertext to listen to a show. The player should start automatically, and coming through your computer speakers will be the show!

Note:   If for some reason the player does not load automatically, you can check the RealAudio (Tm) home page for instructions on configuring it with your particular browser (ie. Netscape, Explorer etc.).

You can also write me for info on obtaining the shows on high quality cassette.

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