Thanks For A Great Semester.
This web page is the entry point for a compilation of all your work on the school's
Mars Farm game...  You developed the story with Mr. Gil, Kevin and myself, and went beyond
programming to create sound effects and music.  You touched on web page design including
Javascript and used multiple game engines such as gamemaker, Scratch and others...
I know, there is still more we can do, BUT, today is the time to try your game!
As my Dad always told me, there comes a time in almost every project where you have to
"shoot the engineer and start the train!"  Let's see how our train runs so far!!!
Thanks for being a great class.  Keep programming this Summer!

- Mr. Walt

P.S.  Lets see if your parents can beat the game?

To begin, click the button below and enter the Access Code "mars"

Redlands Conservatory