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The monopole video was made for Nut's & Volts readers and those curious about free energy, monopolar magnets, and perpetual motion.
It was designed for the "April 1st issue." (April Fools day article.)
The little motor DOES work (though it is not TRUE perpetual motion), and it is a BLAST to build and own!
The output is VERY perplexing!  But, the monopolar magnet trumpeted as the heart of the motor/generator is in fact just an ordinary neodymium magnet you can find anywhere.
If you'd like to build your own "monopolar" motor, as well as other fun April 1st projects to mystify your friends, just check with the folks at Nut & Volts for details.
I may also be able to eventually include the plans  here as well!
Thanks for checking out the circuit.

And, happy first of April to all!


CLICK HERE to also see THE PERPLEXER circuit from the March 2012 Issue of Nut & Volts!

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