The Stroboscopic Zoetrope


                                     The following animations were found on the web under sources that listed them as public domain.
                                     Simply size, print, and cut them out for use with your zoetrope!

                                     For additional information and images, you can also visit the
          Eadweard Muybridge page!


From the wonderful Max Fleischer, the following were free "flipbook" animations of his popular character "Koko The Clown."
It's well worth the time to look through youtube and other sources for history and animations featuring both characters.



Koko does a flip and roll...


Eadweard Muybridge did extensive work in capturing animal and human motions for his zoopraxiscope projector.
A Google image search will turn up many of his sequences.  (Warning:  Many do feature nudity.)  Below are some I found of interest with the stroboscopic zoetrope!



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