The Stroboscopic Zoetrope




If you would like to build your own amazing zoetrope, I have the major parts available.
In each case, I just added a couple dollars to cover my costs + shipping (which I'm included)...


Any strong neodymium magnets should work perfectly for your zoetrope.  The magnets I used were particularly strong and worked perfectly with the reed switch.
Neodymium Magnets .75 Each (Shipping Included.)
Please note that on the order page, you must specify the quantity or it will default to "1."
The zoetrope in the video used 16 magnets for a perfect animation.  :-)

 (You need one magnet per segment on your wheel.)

Reed Switch

My supplier just ran out of the switch I used (figures)! But, you can literally place an ordinary reed relay (like those from Radio Shack) near the above (very strong) magnets and it will work.
You can also use a reed switch from an alarm door sensor for signal loads.
I do have some older (and very pretty) reed switches here that work great, but they're slightly expensive because they are high power handling...  This might be useful if switching your strobe directly.

High power "expensive" reed switch $5.00 each.  (Shipping included.)


 Turntable Motors

These little motors are extremely easy to bolt a platter too (as seen in the video).  I think the only downside to them is that they do make a "whirring" noise
just as you might expect from a DC motor and gearbox.  So, if you want a completely silent zoetrope, you may need to keep hunting.
I have a very limited number of these, but will be happy to send one out for $20 (shipping included).




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